The closer your pet's diet is to a natural diet in the wild, the healthier your pet will be.

Simple is better. 


Most commercial pet products contain a disproportionate amount of carbohydrates. Commercial pet foods, especially dry foods, also often contain a large amount of grains or fillers which are inappropriate for dogs and cats. Studies comparing the source of protein in dry cat food concluded that the digestibility of meat-based protein is superior to corn-based protein. In fact, many dogs and cats are allergic to grains, grain by-products and a host of other additives. Because dogs and cats are carnivores, little grain is generally found in their natural diet. A raw diet more closely matching the diet of cat and dogs in the wild will yield many improved health benefits, including a noticeable reduction in the incidence of many late-life feline health issues.

So why have dog and cat owners been feeding grain-based kibble or highly processed food? The answer is simply economics. 

 Since the advent of feeding kibble and canned food with unnecessary ingredients, is it coincidence or cause-and-effect that,  domestic dogs and cats began developing a multitude of allergies, skin and coat conditions, and high incidences of diabetes, cancer, and weakened immune systems?


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