Our company, Power Paw Products was founded by Dr. Andra Hearne and her husband, Michael in 2008.  Dr. Hearne has a Master’s degree in Animal Nutrition and a Doctorate in Food Science.  Dr. Hearne has formulated human food products for over 20 years with major Companies in the Food Industry.  When Dr. Hearne began breeding and showing Egyptian Maus cats, she began researching pet food diets. She wanted to insure that nutrition was a key foundation in her cattery. She found that ingredients used in the formulation of human snack foods and frozen dinners were being used in pet foods and snacks. Many of the ingredients were sourced outside of the US, making food quality and safety questionable, such as in the pet food recalls due to melaminecontamination.  Ingredients that are healthy for humans are not always healthy for pets. Dogs and Cats do not have an Intestinal tract as developed as that found in Humans. Both dogs and cats are dogs are natural carnivores. Many of the fillers in pet food can cause food allergies and obesity, which may lead to more serious diseases.  A simple diet is better.  So in 2008 we decided that we wanted to provide healthy treats that are designed to fit our pets needs.  Chicken was chosen for the high quality protein it provides.  Chicken Hearts provide protein, fat, and the amino acid taurine, which cats and dogs. Cats must get taurine from their diet as their bodies do not produce it.  Rabbit was chosen as a good, hypoallergenic, red meat that cats love the taste of, and it provides an alternative meat for those cats and dogs that become allergic to other meats. Beef Liver is packed with nutrition and both dogs and cats love it.  


The Rest is History.